On 2 December 2014, Table Mountain was was formally inaugurated as one of the world’s new Seven Wonders of Nature.

Table Mountain, with her glorious 3 kilometre wide plateau, earning her the name, together with Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head to Signal Hill, make up the natural amphitheatre in which Cape Town, The Mother City, sits.

At her highest point, she sits 1,086 metres (3,563 ft) above sea level. There is no better view in the world than from her top.

This is a life-changing, mind-altering, spiritual experience. No package booked through us is complete without a walk atop this natural masterpiece.

The Mother City is brimming with sights and activities. We will tailor-make your all-round package to include the activities that appeal to you. In conjunction with our operators, your time here will be out of bounds!

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