1 Month Package:

  • Coaching :- 3 sessions per week, on alternate days

Coaching sessions are 2 hours long, and cover all areas of play. All our packages are tailor-made to meet individual needs, so Coaching Sessions will focus on whatever areas a player requires.

  • UCT Club Cricket :- Tuesdays, Thursdays; Saturday match

Play as a guest Club member at one of the world’s most prestigious Universities. Fast-paced, professional practice two days a week, with a match played every Saturday. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Player will receive a Sport Specific Physiological Assessment from one of the world’s foremost Institutions. A top Biokineticist will work with you, assessing Anthropometry, Flexibility, Body strength and Endurance. Player will be provided with a personalised, detailed plan and feedback report. Progress will be monitored and assessed weekly for the duration of your stay.

Headstrong specialises in the psychology behind performance enhancement, guiding individuals and teams toward a heightened level of mental conditioning. Player will receive one-on-one assessment weekly, as well as a detailed report and action plan.

  • EyeGym :- 1 session per week

Dr Sherylle Calder is a visual skills coach and guru, long been recognised by top sportsmen and women all over the world. EyeGym is the original and only authentic programme to follow.

  • Video Analysis :- 1 per week

Coach will film the player from various angles in various aspects of game play, enabling the player to see areas of strength and weakness first-hand. Player’s progress can be monitored in real time, and improvement can be accurately tracked, as each week’s videos are compared and assessed. Coach provides a full feedback report. We find this invaluable in improving game play.

  • PitchVision :- 1 session per week

PitchVision is a revolutionary motion-capture system that puts elite level analysis into the hands of every player, providing state of the art performance technology. Coaches and players are able to review performance strengths and weaknesses, combined with unique video capture, which instantly edits and catalogues delivery clips. Coaches and players now have a tool which identifies trends, strengths, weaknesses and establishes the relationship between the cause and effect of their technique and performance.