Prashant Kumar

The Cricket School of Excellence and Cape Cricket Academy would like to welcome new student, Prashant Kumar Vangapandu from India, who will be put the through the paces for the next 2 months. He will be going through a series of private sessions with Ryan Maron, as well as sessions at EyeGym and the Sports Science HPC and Sports Psychologists Headstrong. He will also be working closely with the UCT CC and taking in the sights of our beautiful city.

Rory Johnston - Scotland U17

Rory Johnston is a very intelligent cricketer and always keen to learn more about the game. He is wonderful to work with and is very committed to his game. I am confident Rory will excel at his game if he maintains the focus, work ethics and desire to perform at the highest level. I wish Rory all the best of luck and look forward to following his results.

Rory was here visiting Cape Town with his family for a short period and attended sessions with the CCA. He was put through various technical sessions, while also spending time working closely with Dr.Sherylle Calder at the EyeGym as well as a session with Headstrong.

Wish would like to wish him all the best for his cricketing career.

Robinson Joseph 8 May - 17 June 2015

Robinson came to train with us for a little over a month.

By all accounts, he thoroughly enjoyed himself, and left a much improved cricketer.

We wish him the best moving forward!

Ex Cape Cricket Academy student scored a ton for VRA! (6 June)

Ex Cape Cricket Academy student, Emile van den Burgh, scored a ton (100 runs) for VRA cricket Club (Holland) - Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam v VRA Amsterdam, on 6 June 2015.